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water music

I'm posting out of my poetry class portfolio so here is

Trickle, gurgle rumble roar
Lovely beyond words are these
Waterfalls, like Niagara that thunder
So that it's hard to hear yourself when
You are close to them
Small brooks and streams that laugh
And sing as they flow down mountains
And along valleys
Clear as crystal, cold as ice
Lakes that wave like the ocean to the shore
And drag shells in deep to be seen never more.
Rivers that flow swift or slow to the sea
Manmade fountains that decorate places
Miramar, Edison indoor and outdoor spaces
Dancing waters that dazzle the eyes with their changing colored lights
And delight the ears with their lovely music of falling drops
That mirror Mozart's fith on the PA system
The rain when it patters on the roof and the sidewalk
When it plop, plop, plops in the grass
, Bringing daffodils and brightly colored flowers with the simple gift
Of never ending pure life sustaining nourishment

That I wrote for that class. Wish me luck in classes all, it's going to be one looong day!

The Rowan
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