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nanowrimo 2

So when Iliana came out of the workroom carrying no less than six instruments all made by the magic she had commanded, it did not surprise him. She setthem on the table where they promptly became things of permanency, shape and form. Two more instruments joined the ones already on the table much the he girls astonishment. She hadn’t even formed them, had she? Yes she had in her mind, she had formed them and placed the finishing touches on them before the explosion that ment hear control had shattered. Apparently that was enough for Pendle, for he had finished them for her and now they were with the rest of her instruments awaiting the arrival of eight new bards.
“Forgive me, brother, I did not mean to frighten you. It is only that…”
“You need not tell me I figured it out. I forget that Runner’s Sleep affects everything. That includes magic. I am surprised you could wait that long.”
“The longer I wait, the less control I have on my magic and the less I can make in its influence. I would prefer to wake in the workroom at times, then at others I wish to be undisturbed. I hd no idea I had fallen into Runner’s Sleep. Had I known, I would have made sure my attendants placed me in that workroom, as there is nearly no one else who makes use of it."

It seems as if my client doesn't like itwhen I compose and cut and jpaste from MS word sometimes. Ah well, this works just as well, I suppose.

So there's what I have so far, I hope you enjoy.
The Rowan/the Phoenix
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