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The Phoenix

post number two

This one's behind a cut

For when we sigh

For when we sigh
A star doth cry
When things are said
Tears are shed
Hate and strife
Make up most of life
The love we find
Soothes the mind
It is there, but must be found
When the love comes round
Ye find it rare
When it is true
It is deeply there
Friends like these are hard to find
The friends who ease the mind
Ones we don't even know
Carry with them a rosie glow
Friends we've known for years
Can leave us crying tears
Ones we've known for a time brief
Can sometimes bring great relief
This is true both far and near
The friend is one who is here
Whether it be in word or deed
Or just wishing good speed
Safe return to brothers mine
Safe return to sisters mine
Good to see you home again
Good to see your face again
Take the time to cherish your friends
For you never know wen life ends
Friendships grow in the blink of an eye
Yet in that short space, they can also die.
Some whither and fade to nothing
Some just go out in a puff of smoke
Some it takes nothing
Others it takes a sharp poke
My friends are few but valued highly
You know this when I add you shyly.
People aren't my best suit, yet when I find one
The fruit I find in them, is a golden one
This poem really has no ende to speak of
Save to listen to the language called love

The Rowan
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