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Posting again, my own original work. Unless otherwise noted, all poems in here are my copyrights.

King and Queen

She stands regally as the camera snaps,
Plastic hairdo hiding naturally brown hair
Where her face shows, it's white with two red marks.
One for each cheek
Noble bearing, she's done this before
The only thing she lacks is hoes. The dress she wears
Sports flames at the bottom,
Lit only by read paint.
Here's where the movie resemblance ends
Next to her posing for all the
World to see is he.
The girl's precious companion
Three years old and playful
Gray, white with gray eyes
One who wakes her up every morning at seven
Meowing plaintively for breakfast.
He knows she'll obey him.
He owns her, he's the King
However, the girl under the mask is always willing
To be King Colin's human Queen.

The Rowan
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