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Turning weeling higher and higher
You never know when the world's a liar
The truest nature belongs in you
Where everything you know is way too
Out there to be in reality fair and light
Where all is blindingly bright
The light beings are your friends here where everything
Is made out of live, not the mindnumbing fear
Help is on the way in the form of white cranes
No one here you blames
For the mess the human race is in now
But there is still hope somehow
Take your pen write this down
There's a smile on the sacred clown
Help us make the world a better place
Help us save the human race.
Help us heal the mind
Help us open the eyes of the truly blind.
Help us let them see the world we do every day
Let them see you in your special way
Help them to know through your words
How many rewards there are
In writing for pleasure, writing for business
In writing for school and writing for crispness
Take away all that has been created by man, and there
Will still be words, for they were here
Before time began, and before the world was spun
Now we are here and again the words have won.

The rowan
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