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Since I can't post from the client...

I have no clue why I can't post using my client, but since I can't, I'll use the site. It keeps giving me this thing about a protocol mismatch deal. Anyway here is a poem that I wrote. I learned one thing in poetry class about poetry and it shows up in this poem. The experiences written in the poems are not necessarily those of the poem's author, neither is the speaker of the poem necessarily the author. With that in mind...

For all we Know

For all we know...for all we know
The world is full of fools
For all we know…for all we know,
tomorrow could be the end of schools
It is time to be assertive, stand for what's right
Stand for what you believe in, even in the darkest night
Cocaine is not the way to go, memmories out of you flow
Senses become dangerous and violence becomes more pronounced.
How much longer before she breaks, before she snaps.
How much longer before she takes it to the big collapse.
No one should be tested in that fashion of manners
It takes more than the loyalty banners to have this situation be more and more cleared away from the campus
Here is something that she needs not before the end of finals.
Second semester where problems come at the end.
Hopefully hopefully...This next semester won't be so harsh to my lovely one, my spiritual protector.
Hopefully this next semester won't hold any nastiness for my lovely sister, my spiritual protector.
I've acknowledged her twice and she's accepted both.
I've acknowledged her twice and she used the one resorce I gave her.
Keeper is my job for now and keeping I will remain for, but as soon as this is done,
As soon as keeping is done, I will be out the door.
Exclusivity masks my own feelings, and exclusive I shall remain.
I never knew this would cause me so much pain.
I am glad to be exclusive now.
For this makes it ten thousand times easier somehow.
For all we know...for all we know the world is wiser than we think.
For all we know...for all we know,the fountain of youth is waiting for the first drink.

I may be posting later. So be on the lookout for more. It is the summer after all, and that's when I tend to pick up my writing

The Rowan.
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