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Now that I can post from my client, the posts will be a lot more regular. This is the


Suppose there wer no music left in the world,
Suppose it was just silence
Empty, erie and unbroken
The silence that follows death like a shadowy cloak
Silence of nothing, a silence
That not even voices could break.
Suppose that the fairy veil stretched thin, and broke over the virginia mountains
Broke on the Blue ridges like the sun breaking through
Endless dark clouds.
With the sound of many voices,
Clear and full of life
With a ringing sound
Like the crashing of a great gong beginning a song
Their music and they pouring into our world
Like the liquid sound of the harp when played
Vibrating, vibrant, alive.
Their music like the welcome sound of children laughing,
Birds singing, crickets cherupping,
Like the lwelcome sounds of nature returning from a too long sleep.
Their presence the liquid light of the sun
Shining on the joyfel faces
Of every person, every one
Their presence enxpiring an outpouring of joyful sounds,
Laughter, dancing, feasting.
Their music inspiring new motivations, new tasks, new life.
Suppose all hate left then, never to return
No more petty fighting over what was rightfully ours
Suppose there wer those who came to them willingly, and as they left
Fairies and those who wished to go
Left to go somewhere below
As beautiful and as lovely
As the child's or adult's
Wildest undying, unborn dream
They left a new sort of music
Bell like an clear as pure crystal
Suppose it was the song of the long forgotten phoenix
The song of all the poets' wildeest imaginings
Come to life, come to being
Just by thought alone.
Suppose we all were poets then, for it was in our blood
It was our nature as of old
To spin our liquid words
From pens of the purest gold.
Gifts left by the whiley Fairies' hand
To remind us of there wondrous land.

That I wrote for last semester's poetry class.

The Rowan
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